Farm to Tub

Using only the purest, finest, and natural ingredients, Rohin Kolavler offers one of a kind soap that will leave your skin feeling revitalized and moustirized without weighing you down. Not to mention, our bar soaps are environmental friendly, sustainable, ethical, and natural!


Our Story

We set out to make pure and sustainable soap that will naturally moisturize and protect your skin. We noticed our children would get extremely dry and cracked skin from the everydays of life, like chlorine from a swimming pool or weather conditions, and we wanted to create a product that would help prevent these issues from ocurring. Using this soap on our own skin we've seen a tremendous difference so we knew we had to share this with the rest of the world. Since we've started making our own soap, we haven't used lotion in almost a year!

Our Products Are:

Pure and Natural

Our products are made with pure, fresh, and sustainable ingredients to make sure our customers are getting luxurious and rich soaps.

Completely Customizable

From scents to colors to shape and size, our products are completely customizable in order to achieve our customers goal product.

Safe and Effective

Our soap provides rich and no-residue finishes while using completely safe ingredients. We are dedicated to providing safe and effective ingredients for the best quality products.

Customize products to fit your needs

Rohin Kolavler provides equally ethical, envinronmentally friendly, natural, and sustainable products that is fully customized to the desires of the buyer. Our customers get to get to choose sizes, shapes, fragrances, colors, and just about anything they desire in what they get.

We work hard to make sure we are providing quality products to our customers to make sure they love our products like we do!

We will show you the facts

We make pure soap using natural and simple ingredients that are sure to never harm a person. We are dedicated to providing full diclosures to our products, unlike our competitors, to insure our customers know what we are all about: pure, safe, and effective soap that is promised to make skin feel silky smooth with no residue feeling. We also can customize our products to make sure customers are getting exactly what they are looking for!

Natural, Fresh, and Sustainable Ingredients 100% of the Time -

Natural Ingredients

Our soaps are made with almost 100% natural ingredients. Aside from everything else in our products, the coloring process is 'Natural-Identical'. The difference between a Natural-Identical and the natural equivalents are that they are mined using child labor and/or unfair wage practices. We can always make a batch without coloring in order to recieve a 100% all-natural product!