Our Story

Made with Love

Rohin Kolavler handcrafts our luxury soap so that you can recieve the highest quality product possible. We are dedicated to providing the same stamp of satisfaction as we do when making our product for our own children.

We originally started Rohin Kolavler when we knew we needed to help our children with extremely dry and cracked skin. We set out on a mission that will not only clean but moisturize your skin to feel soft and smooth. A little over one year later, we've noticed that we don't have to use any lotion to keep our skin hydrated.

Farm to Tub - It's what we live by

From our own family farm to your families home, we pride ourselves with giving the ultimate Stamp of Sastisfactory, as we would for our own family. We hand-milk Nigerian Dwarf Goats and use ethically sourced palm oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, and shea butter.

Our natural ingredients set us above the rest. Top quality for our top of the line customers.